Host Families in Ireland for Teenagers

host families in ireland for teenagers



You will stay in a nice caring host family that will strive to help you adjust to the Irish lifestyle and help you resolve any concerns you might have during your stay. We will try to match the ages of the children to the visiting child.

You will be integrated in the family and exposed to Irish culture which will help you understand the Irish better. We strongly believe that travelling to Ireland must be fun but also the main objective is to make you speak English.

Why choose host families in Ireland for teenagers?

Host families in Ireland for teenagers represent an exceptional option for those students who are looking for an enriching and culturally unique experience. This option not only offers a warm and welcoming environment, but also promotes a complete immersion in Irish daily life, contributing to the personal and academic development of teenagers.

First and foremost, the decision to choose host families in Ireland responds to the desire to offer students a safe and secure home environment. The host families are carefully selected, providing a family environment that facilitates the adaptation and emotional well-being of the teenagers.

In addition, living with an Irish host family for accommodation in Cork provides a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the local culture, expanding their cultural horizons and perfecting their English language skills in a natural way. Living together on a daily basis allows teenagers to improve their language skills in a practical and contextual way, which is an invaluable aspect of their education.

Choosing host families in Ireland for young people not only guarantees a safe and caring environment, but also opens the door to a comprehensive educational experience that goes beyond the classroom, enriching the lives of students in an unparalleled way. From Hola Students! we help you with the management of the process so you can make the most of the experience.



Ages: 12-16
Spanish, ¡no gracias! And we request host families to receive one nationality at a time as the temptation to speak the mother tongue may prove too great.