Hello, we are Teresa and Silvia.

We want to share. with you our passion for Cork, a city where living is as pleasant as learning. We have invested some months of work to create Hola Students!, our new venture. Our objective is simple: help children and adults enjoy Cork and learn English, integrating them in an Irish family and participating of all activities that County Cork offers.



Cork is the perfect place to live & learn English. It’s not just us who say it, our clients confirm it.

Take a look at the following video.


Homestay (ages 12-16 yrs old) Homestay (ages 12-16 yrs old)
Homestay (ages 12-16 yrs old)

You will stay in a nice caring host family that will strive to help you adjust to the Irish lifestyle and help you resolve any concerns you might have during your stay. We will try to match the ages of the children to the visiting child.

Primary Education in Ireland Primary Education in Ireland
Primary Education in Ireland

Primary Education in Ireland consists of eight years. Children start at 5-6 years in the junior infants year, with a shortened day, to help the children to adjust to the routine and discipline of the school system. Then it goes from 1st Class to 6th Class finishing at 12 yrs of age approximately. We would only work with the one school which we believe is the only international option. We would recommend you the last two years: 5th and 6th Class, ages 10-11 and 11-12 years old.

Adult Adult

We will find you the best choices for accommodation depending on your needs: single, couple, family, etc and provide you with information on English academies. There is also the possibility of individual tuition from a qualified TEFL teacher.



Our ethos is simple: We will play with our strengths by providing an authentic experience with handpicked families that will integrate each child within their own families and communities.